The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance supports investments to modernize energy infrastructure to ensure reliable access to low-cost energy to power our local economy and ensure the utmost safety and health of our communities.
Seldom does a day go by when we find an anti-pipeline fringe activist castigating the Mariner East Pipeline and/or the DEP with false information. Late last week, these actions received a sharp reprimand by Judge Paul S. Diamond from the… Read More ►
During this pandemic, some days are exactly like the others. The same applies to the courtroom when it comes to the frivolous lawsuits that have been filed against Mariner East and summarily dismissed by courts. The latest example is the… Read More ►
Officials in Delaware and Chester counties allege the builder of the Mariner East pipeline network may be receiving “special treatment” because the state permitted essential construction activity to resume, and they expressed concern about community spread among workers. The work… Read More ►
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