With Trump in Pittsburgh, Development in ‘Pipeline’

President Donald Trump will serve as keynote speaker of Shale Insight 2019 in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Oct. 23. His visit signals the leading role Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia have on promoting domestic energy production and putting to use these vast resources to create jobs and power the economy. Key to fulfilling this mission, however, is delivering these resources to market safely and responsibly.

For more than four years, the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance, a multi-faceted, broad-based statewide coalition comprising labor, agriculture, conservation groups, the manufacturing sector, and other industrial and business interests, has pushed for the safe, responsible development of pipelines and energy infrastructure projects in the commonwealth.

If you are writing about the President’s visit, please find the following statement by PEIA spokesman Kurt Knaus:


“When it comes to installing new pipelines, we’re not just building a modern energy infrastructure; we’re developing a huge, sustained boost to Pennsylvania’s entire economy. In Pennsylvania, these pipeline projects have been a lifeline to stable, family-supporting jobs for thousands of skilled laborers who are proud of the work they’re doing to build Pennsylvania’s future. They know they’re not just laying a pipeline. They are setting the stage to ensure Pennsylvania boosts its long-term local manufacturing, transportation, and trade opportunities, and they are doing so in the best way. Pipeline transportation is not only more economically beneficial and efficient than alternatives, likes trucks and trains, but it is also the healthier, safer and more responsible choice as well. Government data already indicates that pipelines are the safest, most environmentally friendly way to transport energy resources. But our energy infrastructure is inadequate to currently facilitate both production and demand. If we want to continue down the path the President touts, then we need more projects that will help us deliver energy resources across Pennsylvania and beyond for processing, storage and transport to market.”