Washington County Commissioner Explains His Appreciation for Pipeline Infrastructure

Commissioner Larry Maggi of Washington County recently took time to sit down with the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance to explain the benefits that the shale gas industry has brought to his community over the past few years. He describes the shale industry as a “real game-changer.”

A great takeaway from Commissioner Maggi is that the shale gas industry has given Washington County and Pennsylvania’s best and brightest the opportunity to stay in their home state and work in a dynamic industry that will provide good paying jobs. The Commonwealth is supplying various institutions and businesses the possibility to flourish by utilizing its natural energy source because “manufacturing wants to be close to cheap energy.”

In regards to the Marcellus shale, Commissioner Maggi said, “it brought jobs. It brought industry here. It’s brought educational institutions. It’s just really made a difference.”

The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance is committed to highlighting the benefits that pipeline infrastructure can provide. In Washington County, infrastructure development is critical in supporting the ongoing development of the Marcellus shale and transporting Pennsylvania’s energy resources to market. The results of this will bring increased economic activity through local jobs, increased business at local restaurants, merchants, and hotels, and ultimately improve the tax base to help local governments make improvements to schools, roads, and other projects.