Washington County Chamber of Commerce Hosts Morning Briefing Highlights Natural Gas Pipeline Development in PA

The Washington County Chamber of Commerce hosted an event last week where Chris Koop and Joe McGinn from Energy Transfer spoke about the natural gas pipeline development throughout PA and highlighted the work on Mariner East.

Koop and McGinn addressed how the COVID-19 pandemic has effected the business in regards to the drop in the price of oil. They noted how the company is adjusting to meet manufacturers needs instead, based on the decreased demand for transportation fuel. Natural gas liquids however have a demand within the domestic and overseas manufacturing sectors. Mariner East has provided access to the transportation of resources that allows Washington County to produce and benefit from their natural resources during an unpredictable economy.

Joe McGinn discussed the safety precautions involved within the Mariner East system both during construction and operation. He mentions multiple safety factors such as the specialized coated steel pipes that exceed regulations, the importance of design suited for the material being transported, and how automated valves give operators remote access. He also speaks to the welding process and how severely welds are observed and approved by a regulating body. Details about the production from Mariner East, its potential, and what it has to contribute to Washington County were also discussed.

McGinn and Koop also highlighted everything Energy Transfer has done and currently is doing to offer relief to Pennsylvania communities during the pandemic. Their actions include donations to local food banks, grants for fire departments, and the recent purchase of specialized military grade glasses for first responders in Upper Merion and Marcus Hook. 

This event opened up a conversation for Washington County residents to ask questions and learn more about how they can contribute to supporting pipeline development and in turn how companies can support them. This is the type of ongoing, productive conversation that should continue in order for Pennsylvania to remain a leader in the energy sector.