Video: Pipeline Safety Expert Discusses Emergency Preparedness and Training

Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance caught up with Greg Noll, pipeline safety expert, at the 97th Annual PSATS Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Greg Noll is a senior partner with Hildebrand and Noll Associates, a consulting firm specializing in emergency planning, and also serves as the Program Manager for the South Central PA Regional Task Force which works to train emergency responders of all kinds.

Hear from Noll as he discusses the importance of first responders having knowledge of pipeline location, building a relationship with the pipeline operators, pipeline contents, and having knowledge of the pipeline isolation valves and emergency procedures to be implemented by the pipeline operators.

Programs like the MERO Program, based on pipeline safety standards written by Noll, are effective measures to ensure pipeline safety and have been implemented on projects throughout Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance is committed to backing the expansion of productive energy projects in the state to ensure reliable access to low-cost energy and to protect the safety and health of our communities.