Uniontown Herald-Standard: Pipeline Projects Reviving Mon Valley’s Economy

Joseph Kirk, executive director of the Mon Valley Progress Council, published an opinion editorial in the Uniontown Herald-Standard, highlighting the benefits that pipeline infrastructure projects can bring to local economies. Kirk highlights the importance of pipeline projects like Mariner East to reviving our manufacturing base and ensuring that safe, reliable access to large quantities of affordable energy is available for decades to come.

In the piece, Kirk notes, “The ability to attract employers with an abundant supply of affordable clean energy would be transformational for the region. It would mean more jobs and more economic activity for existing businesses. It also would mean lower energy prices for everyone.”

Kirk goes on to say that, “Pipeline projects are essential infrastructure projects for the Mon Valley. With them, we have our best shot at rebuilding the industrial and commercial economy that has suffered so much in the last several decades. Without them, we will remain at a competitive disadvantage.”

We invite you to read the entire opinion editorial here.