Union Workers Continue to Honor Responsibility to Safety

Sunoco’s ongoing replacement of small portions of Mariner East 2 pipeline in Delaware County has once again been spun by pipeline opponents who purposefully overlook Sunoco’s commitment to safety.

An analysis of a segment of the pipeline not yet in operation appeared to have coating issues, which is applied to help pipelines withstand corrosion. Once the issue was identified, Sunoco crews, including the best-trained high-skilled laborers who are installing the pipeline, replaced the segment.

Richard Kuprewicz, an independent pipeline consultant to Delaware County, suggested that it was rare for a company to excavate pieces already installed. Kim Hoopes, the inspector on the pipeline replacement operation and author of the report, determined the procedure to be “Preventative maintenance…They are making sure that everything that’s going in is 100 percent.” The swift action by Sunoco shows just how robust and effective the safety processes in place are, as well the thorough commitment of those working on the pipeline.

Pipeline opponents not only refuse to accept the high safety standards in place on Mariner East 2, but also the diligence of workers involved. Union construction workers are highly skilled and trained to be the eyes, ears, and hands on the ground implementing pipeline safety. This is not the first swing Senator Dinniman has taken toward Mariner East or the Pennsylvanians working to build the pipeline, some of which are his own constituents. Dinniman and pipeline opponent’s comments show the disdain that they have for these skilled professionals in the trades who take pride in their work and ensure that the job is being done correctly to operate safely in their own backyard.

It has long been time to allow the trained workers to do their job. Despite the spin from pipeline opponents, local workers continue to honor their responsibility to safety well above standards required by state regulators. Sen. Dinniman and other opponent’s disdain for these workers professional integrity is unfortunate.