Top-Down Development Led Pennsylvania’s Energy Market to Success

Through diligent work with the government to develop safe energy infrastructure, Energy Transfer has helped advance Pennsylvania’s Marcellus and Utica shale reserves into the second highest gas production state nationwide. Investment in energy infrastructure in the Commonwealth is leading the country to become a world energy leader, facilitated by top-down infrastructure development from well to port.

Production in the Marcellus shale is key to this success, as is the safe transport of the materials throughout the country. Energy Transfer’s pipeline system safely transports energy products to different markets in Pennsylvania, regionally, and abroad. They create thousands of well-paying construction jobs as well as support hundreds of permanent, family-sustaining jobs in the commonwealth. The Marcellus Shale produces 13 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day, which when sold and transported safely through pipelines, has the ability to contribute tax revenue, commerce opportunities and $9.1 billion straight into Pennsylvania’s economy.

In addition to opening up Pennsylvania’s energy market to the U.S., the surplus of resources from the Marcellus Shale has created international commerce opportunities.