The Center of Energy’s Future

Earlier this week, Neumann University’s Center for Leadership hosted a conference as part of an ongoing series of discussions on community leadership development. During this conference, two energy company representatives from Delaware County participated in the forum which focused on Pennsylvania’s major role in our nation’s energy renaissance and the benefits it brings back to local communities.

In the past decade, advancements in technology have allowed America to harness its domestic natural resources. As a result, foreign imports have decreased, GDP has risen, and jobs have been created. In Pennsylvania, the latest figures show more than 31,000 people in the state have jobs related to natural gas. That number has nearly doubled over the past five years.

All this new energy development has necessitated the need for a second act: the development of new and repurposing of existing pipeline infrastructure.  Mariner East, for example, will carry countless barrels of natural resources to the reopened Marcus Hook Industrial Complex as well as the presently underdevelopment Mariner East 2. In total, the Mariner East projects could generate $4.2 billion to Pennsylvania’s economy and during construction can support 30,000 new jobs.

Through pipeline infrastructure, Marcus Hook also has the potential to become a magnet for economic development. By building capacity for natural gas liquids and uses at Marcus Hook, these investments will help ensure that Pennsylvania-made energy stays in the state and fuels further economic growth – rather than going to other places like the Gulf Coast.  And with these energy projects come reinvestments into communities, jobs, and tax revenue.

Adam Gattuso from Monroe Energy also spoke about the benefits of Pennsylvania’s energy boom, calling it “an unbelievable time in this industry.” In order to take advantage of the opportunities that are coming to Pennsylvania, both speakers encouraged education and job training. “There are tremendous opportunities right here in our own backyard,” Gattuso said. “There’s probably 35 different job disciplines at our facility.”

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