Sunoco’s Waiver Would Enable Faster Completion of Mariner East While Delivering Essential Energy Products to PA

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, businesses everywhere are closed or halted to comply with CDC guidelines. On Monday, Governor Wolf announced that waivers could be obtained from businesses if their business can “mitigate the crisis by providing a life sustaining service.“ Sunoco filed a request for a waiver as the company is responsible for transporting energy products across the state for electricity and heating needs. However, the bloggers behind DragonPipeDiary would rather see Pennsylvanians without power or heat and are encouraging readers to contact their representatives to block the waiver.

DragonPipeDiary’s “galex49” continuously refuses to address what Mariner East provides the entire state. Mariner East transports energy products throughout the state from the Utica and Marcellus Shale regions, providing PA with lower cost energy, tax revenues, and employment opportunities. The postponement of construction will only hurt Pennsylvanian consumers.

Anti-pipeliners have tried to derail the project at every opportunity. While many of their tactics have caused delays, their latest has been to use the Coronavirus and the current crisis for their gain. The waiver should be granted to ensure the timely completion of the project guaranteeing the safe transportation of domestic energy for local consumers.