Steamfitters Local 420 Invests in Pipeline Safety

According to Anthony Gallagher, Business Manager for Steamfitters Local 420, they “spend about $3 million a year on training.” During the pipeline construction process, Steamfitters Local 420 are the best trained, highly skilled pipe welders available.

Check out Anthony Gallagher explaining what makes Steamfitters 420 the most qualified pipe welders based off of their training and demand for excellence.

Steamfitters Local 420 is based in Pennsylvania, live in our neighborhoods, and go to school with our kids. They build pipelines for a living and do it in a way that ensures safety to our communities and the environment.

To be licensed welder, “apprentices go through a 5-year rigorous training program. That is roughly 8,000 hours of on-site training along with about 1,600 hours of classroom training,” Gallagher said. “We teach all the safety procedures, all the protective equipment, how to property make the welds.”