Statement: ME1 Restarts in PA.

The Mariner East 1 pipeline is scheduled to restart as early as today, ending a three-month shutdown that resulted after a sinkhole along the route. The restart is the result of the pipeline operator working closely with regulators to address concerns and ensure there is no threat to public health or the environment.

The restart of Mariner East 1 is a win for Pennsylvania. It provides consumers and businesses access to safe, efficient, and reliable energy. It also enhances the pipeline infrastructure network that the commonwealth needs to safely deliver its natural resources to market. This whole episode underscores the vigilant watch of regulators and tough requirements pipelines must meet to operate in Pennsylvania.

If you are writing about the restart, please consider the following statement by the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance. Quote me, Kurt Knaus, as spokesman:

“Pennsylvania regulators are on the job, making sure pipelines are operated safely and responsibly. The restart of this line is good news for the commonwealth, and it shows the amount of work and collaboration that goes into protecting public health and the environment by pipeline operators and regulators alike.”

For nearly four years, the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance has advocated for the safe, responsible development of critical infrastructure. Pipelines are the safest, most efficient method of transporting oil and gas products.

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