Shale-Related Methane Emissions Dropping as Pennsylvania Relies on Natural Gas

In response to a recent editorial in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Dave Spigelmyer, president of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, published a letter to the editor, setting the record straight on current shale-related methane emissions. Specifically, he clarifies that “according to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s own data, there has been a 13 percent drop in methane emissions even as gas production increased 50 percent over the year.”

Natural gas, especially in Pennsylvania, is becoming the leading source of American energy, “thanks to the industry’s widespread use of operational best practices and continuous investments aimed at protecting and enhancing our environment,” states Spigelmyer.

The facts are facts. And, they show that air quality for all Pennsylvanians is continuing to improve due to the movement towards natural gas usage and development and local industries commitment to protecting and enhancing our environment.

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