Risk Assessment Confirmed What We Have Always Known: Pipelines Are Safe!

Results from a risk assessment pushed by pipeline opponents on the Delaware County Council have been completed and confirmed what we knew all along: pipelines like the Mariner East 2 and Adelphia pipelines are safe!

As Kathleen Carey with the Delaware County Times reported today, “Delaware County Emergency Services Director Timothy Boyce submitted the G-2 Integrated Services 79-page report….to the Delaware County Council,” which says, “that people are more likely to die from fatal traffic accidents, house fires or stair falls than from a pipeline accident.”

Pipelines, such as the Mariner East and Adelpha lines, are highly regulated to ensure safety. In fact, the Mariner East 2 pipeline project has received unprecedented scrutiny during the permitting process and was found to exceed federal safety standards by a study commissioned by West Goshen Township in Southeast Pennsylvania.

G-2’s study only confirms that these lines will operate safely – a fact we have known all along.

Pennsylvania’s energy potential, thanks to the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations, is a great opportunity benefiting all Pennsylvanians. Pipeline infrastructure is critical to ensure that these resources are transported safely to end-users.

Mariner East, in fact, will have a $9.1 billion economic impact on the Pennsylvania economy, creating thousands of jobs and expanding the tax base. These benefits are nothing to sneeze at.

It is not expected that this report will end pipeline opponents continued dissemination of false fear. Many of these individuals and groups are currently making a last ditch-effort to halt the Mariner East 2 line through faulty litigation that has already been settled by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC). We fully expect the PUC to stand by their previous orders and confirmed by this study that Mariner East 2 will be safe.