Repurposed Mariner East 1 Pipeline to Convert to Refined Products

During Energy Transfer’s last earnings call, newly minted Co-CEO Mackie McCrea told listeners that the company, owner of Sunoco LP and the Mariner East pipeline system, expects to use the repurposed portion of the 8-inch diameter Mariner East 1 line for refined products.

McCrea stated that the conversion “should provide significant upside revenue for an asset that doesn’t limit us for what we can do with the remaining portions of the Mariner system.”

What is interesting about this development is its showcase of the flexibility and utility of pipeline infrastructure.

The repurposing of portions of the Mariner East 1 pipeline has allowed the adage of new technologies and improvements to the line, which has serviced the Commonwealth for a number of decades. Additionally, the company is able to react quickly to changing consumer needs and market demands.

What’s more is that once Mariner East 2 is fully complete (soon), the Mariner East system will be a supremely effective and encompassing pipeline network capable of safely delivering most natural gas resources, refined or otherwise, throughout the state.

This only adds to the potency of Pennsylvania’s energy sector by creating new opportunities and longevity for the sector.