Release: Campaigning on Pipelines

Just a few hours after terminating temporary easements and threatening legal action against the developers of the Mariner East pipeline projects in her official capacity as county commissioner, Chester County Commissioner Kathu Cozzone’s re-election campaign machine went into high gear, using the action to solicit donations with an email title, “Taking Action on the Pipeline”

After a brief message and photo, it was hard to miss the big red “CONTRIBUTE NOW” button.




Her message wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last by a candidate, especially now that the municipal election season is in full swing. In the past, even anti-pipeline groups have challenged projects and then tried to solicit money in fund-raising appeals and blast emails. But with elected officials at every level, stunts like this sometimes blur the line and make taxpayers and voters question the legitimacy of official business when it appears to be so closely coordinated with campaign activities.

Infrastructure projects like this are critical to Pennsylvania’s economy. Mariner East 1 and Mariner East 2 together have created thousands of jobs in Pennsylvania during the construction phase alone. Along with Mariner East 2X, the three pipelines will support hundreds of permanent jobs that will support families and provide a $9.1 billion economic impact for Pennsylvania. Pipeline projects like Mariner East provide sustainable wages for the region’s residents and help increase revenue for our local businesses — both critically important to the members of PEIA and every Pennsylvanian.

For more than three years, the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance has advocated for the safe, responsible development of critical infrastructure and boosts in economic activity. If you are using any of this information, please feel free to quote, Kurt Knaus, as PEIA spokesman.


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