Radical Groups Move for Unnecessary Risk Assessment Study

Radical opposition groups in Pennsylvania are officially moving forward with an independent risk assessment of the Mariner East pipeline.

An article in the Delco News Network and Delco Times reports the group has engaged a vendor to perform the study. State Sen. Andy Dinniman was quoted saying that “It became abundantly clear that our government was not willing to provide a risk assessment and appropriate safety protocols based on risk.” This could not be further from the truth.

Mariner East received unprecedented regulatory review, which included considerations for the risk associated. To conduct yet another duplicative study is not only a waste of time but also a waste of money.

The citizen-led group is spearheaded by several coalitions of anti-pipeline groups in Chester and Delaware County, including Del-Chesco United for Pipeline Safety, East Goshen Safety and Environmental Advocates, Middletown Coalition for Community Safety, and West Whiteland Residents for Pipeline Safety. Any type of assessment done by this biased coalition will no doubt lack any credibility.

These fringe, ideological groups that are involved have only one goal – to conduct a study that simply advances their fringe, ideological views. The groups also do not have the proper data, training, and information necessary to adequately make a determination of risk.

They are not interested in sharing the truth with residents in Pennsylvania, but instead want to push their already extreme ideas. No study that is funded by these groups will be fair or accurate.

Mariner East 2 has gone through a rigorous process of getting approved at every level of government. The permits and process of obtaining them are among the stringent the state has ever issued for this type of construction activity. Safety measures on the project already exceed federal requirements.

We cannot allow radical opposition groups to use stall tactics to hurt pipeline development any longer. It is time to make energy infrastructure development a priority in Pennsylvania to ensure the safety of our communities.