Powering Kaplan’s Careful Cleaners with Pennsylvania Natural Gas

Local businesses and communities throughout Pennsylvania are taking advantage of the state’s energy boom in natural gas. And the boom in development has created opportunities for local businesses to tap into affordable and clean natural gas – local businesses like Kaplan’s Careful Cleaners.

Dale Kaplan, owner of Kaplan’s Careful Cleaners, is a local small business owner based in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. His business prides itself on being committed to providing quality work with positive customer service. Similar to other small business owners in the area, Kaplan is benefitting from the low price of natural gas and has invested in a natural gas only boiler, which is saving his business innumerable amounts of money.

Kaplan believes that the availability of abundant shale gas has stabilized Pennsylvania’s economy. In telling his successful business story, he states, that “as a resident of Pennsylvania I am very wholeheartedly in support of the Mariner East project and pipelines for natural gas.” He is among many local business owners who know that support for pipeline infrastructure means investing in our local economies’ futures.

The stories and support from small business owners are essential in promoting the importance and economic benefits of pipeline infrastructure. As the energy boom continues to flourish in Pennsylvania, small businesses and local communities should continue to voice their support for current and future pipeline development.