Pipeline Pushback Only Hurting Pennsylvania’s Progress & Economic Well-Being

Today at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg, several Democrat politicians and three residents called for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to pull permits for the Mariner East pipeline. 

The three testifying Pennsylvanians alleged that pipeline developer, Energy Transfer, has not looked their way to take care of the matters at hand and the problems reported. In reality, years ago when these cases were first opened, Energy Transfer handled each incident with care and intentional action— and has continued to do so as the project has gone on. Whether it was investigating, testing, or providing resources to resolve the issue, each of the witnesses’ cases were resolved. More than that, outside entities like the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and Public Utility Commission were also involved in these investigations— consistently determining that nothing was wrong with the pipeline construction site nor the effects it had on surroundings. Energy Transfer has detailed accounts of each issue the witnesses brought up today, and the facts are clear. Breaking open these old cases are only hurting Pennsylvania’s economic outlook and setting back good, safe progress.

Attorney General John Shapiro has also been a part of this politically-motivated rhetoric. Right before announcing his campaign for Pennsylvania Governor, Shapiro went after the Keystone State’s energy sector by targeting the Mariner East pipeline and opening up old cases to relitigate. There is no doubt these actions are politically motivated and disingenuous. 

With the Mariner East construction months away from completion, not renewing the construction permits would set the entire state of Pennsylvania back. The state’s economy desperately depends on the pipeline for reliable energy streams, job opportunities and growth, tax revenues, and other economic stimulants that permeate far beyond Pennsylvania’s borders. This pushback from politicians will only disadvantage them later when Mariner East continues to be a vital cornerstone of Pennsylvania’s commonwealth.