Pipeline Opposition Group’s Risk Assessment Just More Propaganda

In a recent letter to the editor published in the Delco Times Anthony Gallagher, Business Manager for the Steamfitters Local 420, called for an end to a ridiculous risk assessment study of the Mariner East Pipeline project.

The groups called the assessment “necessary,” however at an event held by Delaware County Board of Supervisors Richard Kuprewicz, president of Accufacts Inc. and a consultant hired by the Middletown Township, said the study was in fact a waste of time.

As Gallagher wrote:

“He made it clear that studies such as these, known as quantitative risk assessments (QRA), for security reasons must be done utilizing only information available in the public domain, which is not possible.”

The results of quantitative risk assessments (QRA) often fit any outcome the consultants want, calling the study’s merits into question. How can another study, funded by radical pipeline opponents, paint a clear picture of the pipelines’ safety if the results can be altered to fit any narrative?

As Gallagher wrote:

Those financing a risk analysis have locally been highly critical of the Mariner East projects, glossing over crucial economic benefits and ignoring the lawful process in permitting and construction. Those chose Quest, exposing their bias, as Quest already has produced a faulty QRA for the anti-pipeline Middletown Coalition. As Kuprewicz said, this only proves that this push is to meet a desired outcome, not provide a service.

It is time to stop using stall tactics to delay this critical infrastructure from bringing natural resources to Pennsylvanians.