Pipeline Opponents Want Special Treatment

A Delco Times editorial published today broadly focused on the recent legal victories clearing the way for the Mariner East 2 pipeline project to become operational. Within the editorial longtime pipeline opponent Senator Andy Dinniman expressed frustrations with PA PUC Judge Barnes’ decision not to hear a case on Chester and Delaware counties residents’ complaints.

Dinniman, in his comments seemed to be advocating for regulators to cast laws and regulations aside and halt the project. This is a very dangerous proposal and thankfully not adopted.

Regulators are obligated to follow the law as opposed to creating new laws based on individual ideological perspective. In other words, Sen. Dinniman is proposing for regulators to move the goalposts on a case by case basis without any respect for the rule of law.

Mariner East was legally permitted, has been found to exceed safety standards, and will provide a $9.1 billion economic impact for the commonwealth. These are facts that Sen. Dinniman ignores, but prove the many positive benefits this project provides.