Philly Anti-Capitalist Brags About Breaking the Law

Once again, the online blog Philly Anti-Capitalist has proudly claimed responsibility for disrupting construction of the Mariner East 2 pipeline. The group bragged, “We sabotaged construction of the Mariner East 2 pipeline in Pennsylvania by tampering with the liquidation system of an excavator being used on a construction site. We did this in a way that would not be noticeable until operating the machine afterwards had ruined it permanently.”

Not only are these actions harmful to Pennsylvanians and specifically to the communities that will benefit from Mariner East 2, they are decidedly illegal and pose a major danger for Pennsylvania workers. Regardless of personal feelings toward infrastructure development, there is no place in civil society for illegal and harmful action based on ideological views. The law is the law, and Philly Anti-Capitalist and the individuals behind this anarchist site should be held accountable for their ill-conceived actions.