Pennsylvania State Grange Joins Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance

The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance is proud to announce the Pennsylvania State Grange has joined the coalition in support of timely approval for critical energy infrastructure in the Commonwealth. The coalition aims to raise the profile of how private investment in pipeline and other energy infrastructure can strengthen the state’s economy, create jobs, and increase public safety when projects are properly designed, built and maintained.

Pennsylvania State Grange President Beth Downey noted, “Pennsylvania farmers have a rich tradition as stewards of the land but agriculture is also the largest industry in the state generating more than $67 billion annually. We look forward to working with the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance to help others recognize why access to energy is so critical to a thriving farm operation. We support energy infrastructure projects that find the right balance between supporting our energy needs and the economic benefits they make possible, and also respect our precious land.”

Downey continued, “The Pennsylvania State Grange is the oldest agricultural and rural advocacy organization of its kind in the United States and represents approximately 9,000 Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth. In a recent opinion piece on the importance of energy access to the state agriculture industry, president Beth Downey wrote, “It is important to understand that our sector is increasingly energy dependent. As the farming industry looks to what the future may hold, we see development of robust energy as indispensable.”