Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association Joins Energy Infrastructure Alliance

The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance is excited to announce the Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association as a new member in the coalition’s effort to support private investment in energy infrastructure developments throughout the state.

Mike Mutter, Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association president, promotes the expansion of natural gas pipelines. He believes that Pennsylvania needs a dependable and safe transportation system for its energy resources to ensure there is access to propane and the other clean-burning fuels that Pennsylvanians have come to rely upon.

“Pennsylvania residents and businesses use propane because it’s a clean, efficient and versatile source of energy. Investing in energy infrastructure ensures that residents benefit from opportunities for in-demand careers and continue to have access to our affordable, homegrown resources. Our members have made it abundantly clear they support essential pipeline projects that help to ensure a strong, sustainable economy for our state, and energy independence for our nation.”

The Propane Gas Association is another significant relationship in the Alliance’s efforts to expand the message and importance of the commodities pipelines transport to the citizens of Pennsylvania.