Pennsylvania Energy Helps Pennsylvania Business

Pennsylvania’s current infrastructure positions it well for business and global trade. With access to most major markets in America, ports that reach the Gulf of Mexico, Great Lakes, and Atlantic Ocean, and six international airports, Pennsylvania generates $724-billion in gross domestic product, making it the 19th largest economy in the world.

This economic position only continues to improve under Governor Wolf, who has delivered on his “promise of jobs that pay, schools that teach, and government that works” while he’s provided “a solid foundation for this strong business climate.”

Energy infrastructure has played a tremendous role in creating this business climate as well, providing the means for manufacturers to transport their products and supplying low-cost energy to the Keystone State. Governor Wolf has been a strong supporter of natural gas infrastructure as well, as “fast-developing pipeline infrastructure has been boosted by the governor’s Pipeline Investment Program to make more natural gas available to manufacturers.”

Pennsylvania energy helps directly with palpable benefits – thousands of jobs created for PA workers, local economies boosted as construction moves through counties. But these projects also contribute to the Pennsylvania economy at large, attracting additional business, both inside and outside of the energy sector. Expanding and improving our pipeline infrastructure will only help the Keystone State moving forward.