Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter of NECA Joins Pipeline Alliance

The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance is excited to announce our 27th new member to join the alliance, advocating in support of pipeline infrastructure developments in Pennsylvania. We welcome the Penn-Del-Jersey chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA PDJ), who has joined because they feel Pennsylvania’s energy resources represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for their members and for communities across Pennsylvania.

“As the commonwealth wisely invests in much needed energy infrastructure, NECA PDJ will work to ensure that the projects exceed safety requirements, and we will do our part so that future generations are able to enjoy the abundant benefits of safe, reliable, affordable energy,” NECA PDJ manager Jeffrey Scarpello said. “We remain committed to providing our experience and expertise in the development of energy infrastructure projects that make safety a priority while also having a positive impact on the region’s economy.”

Penn-Del-Jersey chapter of NECA is one of the largest in the nation with 150 contractor members, serving southeastern Pennsylvania and portions of Delaware and New Jersey. Chartered in 1939, NECA PDJ has worked tirelessly to elevate the electrical contracting industry by providing its members with industry expertise in safety, management and innovation.

With the addition of NECA PDJ, as well as their sister organization, WPA NECA, the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance is becoming a stronger voice, telling the positive impact that pipeline infrastructure development will have on Pennsylvania’s economy, communities, and people.