PEIA Supports Mariner East 2 Pipeline in Middletown Township

The Mariner East 2 pipeline is a crucial infrastructure project in Pennsylvania that will bring tremendous benefits to many of Pennsylvania’s communities. Unfortunately, there’s been some misinformation spread about pipelines in general and the Mariner East 2 pipeline project in particular – namely, in Middletown Township in Delaware County.

As a broad alliance representing diverse interests that support the expansion of energy infrastructure, we want to clear up a few things for Middletown residents:

First: Pipelines are the safest way to transport energy. According to data collected by the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, the natural gas delivery system is the safest form of energy delivery in the nation. More than 77,000 miles of new pipelines have been built in the last decade and in the same period of time, pipeline incidents and spills have decreased by approximately 50 percent. We are seeing more infrastructure developed with state of the art technology and with the highest trained workers in order to ensure safety for local communities.

Sunoco Logistics, the company behind the Mariner East 2 pipeline, has been safely operating in Pennsylvania for decades. In fact, Sunoco has operated a pipeline in Middletown Township since the 1980s. That pipeline is currently transporting the same type of energy resources as the proposed new Mariner East 2 pipeline will. Both will operate without a threat to the community’s safety.

Second: The next worry or question often asked is – if there is already a safe NGL pipeline running through Middletown Township, why build another? The answer to that stems from consumer demand. Everyday products that Pennsylvanian’s use are made from energy products. From paint to plastics to adhesives to uses powering water heaters, laundry dryers, and portable stoves, we live in a world where more NGLs are in demand, not less.

Third: Additionally, the Mariner East pipeline will be carrying these NGLS to the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex in Delaware County near Middletown Township. Following the closing of the Marcus Hook refinery, Sunoco Logistics recently revitalized it to hub to receive, process, store, and ultimately transport energy resources to consumers. Marcus Hook generates huge economic benefits for the local community through jobs, commerce, and tax revenues, which benefit countless community needs like schools and parks.

And, Fourth: The Mariner East 2 pipeline will be a state of the art pipeline which ensures safety for the community and environment once operational. Pennsylvania’s dedicated, highly trained, skilled craft unions will build the pipeline. These workers have decades of experience at doing the job right. Construction of Mariner East 2 will support around 7,000 jobs, most of which will be Pennsylvania workers earning a living wage to support Pennsylvania families.

A lot of misinformation has been generated by groups opposed to nearly all projects that will modernize our necessary infrastructure. The positive benefits created by projects like Mariner East 2 will impact every Pennsylvania resident in a positive way. Sunoco Logistics, Marcus Hook, and the thousands of workers who will construct the Mariner East 2 pipeline know how to build this project safely and to the benefit of the local community.