PEIA Responds to Democrats’ Call to Shut Down Mariner East Pipeline

The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance (PEIA) today responded to the repeated call by a few House and Senate Democrats who want the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to pull permits for the Mariner East pipeline. The lawmakers from southeastern Pennsylvania held a news conference inside the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg.

Kurt Knaus, spokesman for PEIA:

“The Mariner East pipeline is one of the most heavily regulated and intensely scrutinized infrastructure projects that this commonwealth has ever seen. It is also among the largest, stretching more than 300 miles across Pennsylvania. Calls to stop the project or delay construction only prolong disruptions in communities where work is under way but nearly finished. This is a legally permitted project that went through countless public hearings and received tens of thousands of comments. Every voice has been heard, and continues to be heard. But the focus now should be on finishing the job so we can finally realize the full economic benefits of this pipeline.”

The opposing lawmakers’ event today came on the heels of another Capitol news conference last week when several supportive state senators, joined by PEIA members and skilled labor union representatives, highlighted the importance of responsible natural gas development and the good-paying jobs and lower energy costs associated with related infrastructure investments.


For more than six years, the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance has advocated for the safe, responsible development of critical infrastructure. For more information:

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