PEIA Responds A.G. Shapiro’s Pipeline Resolution

The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance (PEIA) today responded to the announcement by Attorney General Josh Shapiro that his litigation against the developer of the Mariner East pipeline network has been resolved.

The case involved charges the attorney general brought against the pipeline developer during an event at Marsh Creek in Chester County — just days after publicly announcing his campaign to be the Democratic nominee for governor in October 2021.

If you are writing about today’s announcement, please feel free to attribute the following statement to PEIA spokesman Kurt Knaus:

“It’s important to remember that nearly all the instances of construction woes that the attorney general cited in his original presentment had by then already been settled between the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the pipeline developer. And, in fact, the developer had already paid fines to the commonwealth for those charges. Hopefully, this brings closure to the issue because it’s time to put the past to rest. Construction of these legally permitted pipelines is finished, and the Mariner East network is operating safely, delivering the fuels we need to power our economy and support our allies. The combined pressures of domestic inflation and global unrest underscore just how important these critical energy infrastructure projects are to our own state of affairs and the safety of our foreign partners.”