PEIA And PA Public Utility Commission Agree, Pipeline Safety Is A Priority

John F. Coleman, Jr., vice-chairman of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC), wrote an opinion editorial in the Patriot-News, highlighting the importance of pipeline safety. Coleman notes that the safe construction and operation of Pennsylvania’s pipeline infrastructure is “an enormous priority.” At the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance, we could not agree more with that sentiment. When responsibly built, safely and efficiently operated, and carefully maintained to ensure long-term integrity, pipelines are the safest and most reliable method to transport energy to market.

In the piece, Coleman discusses the PUC’s ongoing efforts to enhance the PA One Call program, which requires excavators to call before they dig. “A key part of what we are working toward is for PA One Call to become the state’s main pipeline mapping source.” Coleman said.

Coleman goes on to say that, “There is nothing more important to the Commission than safety. In light of recent pipeline news, we want you to know that the PUC is working to keep you safe every day.”

Read the opinion editorial here.