Paul Battista, Owner of Sunnyside Supply, Encourages Pipelines to Bring Back Manufacturing

In a recent visit to Slovan, Pennsylvania in Washington County, the PEIA team discussed the effects of Pennsylvania’s energy renaissance with small business owner, Paul Battista.

Owner of Sunnyside Supply Inc., Battista has been serving energy companies with supplies for 35 years. Being based in Washington County has given Sunnyside Supply the opportunity to see the positive impacts energy projects, like pipeline infrastructure, have brought to their business, surrounding communities and various other industries.

“Without pipelines we can’t get our resources out of this area to where they need to be processed. So by having pipelines, we’re able to produce more gas, hire more people, and grow our local economy.”

Battista, like many other small business owners, is a great example of a hardworking Pennsylvanian who relies on the energy industry to make a good living. Even as a small part of the supply chain, Battista sees the overwhelming benefits of American energy:

“From day one I got into this business for two reasons: energy independence and manufacturing.”