The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance supports investments to modernize energy infrastructure to ensure reliable access to low-cost energy to power our local economy and ensure the utmost safety and health of our communities.
Yesterday the Pittsburgh Business Times reported royalties paid to Pennsylvania landowners in 2018 increased significantly following a trend of lower than average payments, the Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) found in its annual report. The IFO reported that growth was… Read More ►
Yesterday, Dragonpipe Diary published a blog trying to conflate Mariner East product delivery with plastic bottle production. Not only are these issues unrelated, but the author uses fuzzy arithmetic to prove an imaginative and frivolous point. For example, when discussing… Read More ►
Unfortunately, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) seems to be caving to pressure from the extreme environmental group, the Clean Air Council (CAC) in regards to Sunoco’s permits for the Marcus Hook facility. The DEP is now demanding… Read More ►
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