The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance supports investments to modernize energy infrastructure to ensure reliable access to low-cost energy to power our local economy and ensure the utmost safety and health of our communities.
Controversy and opposition to the Mariner East 2 pipeline has wrongly politicized the project and encouraged action from both ends of the political spectrum in Pennsylvania. In the process, ideology has been prioritized over fact, clouding the judgement of many.… Read More ►
Sunoco Pipeline, a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners, published a press release clarifying the in-service date for Mariner East 2. The release reads: “We want to clarify that there has been no change to the initial in-service date for the… Read More ►
Pennsylvania State Senator Andy Dinniman discussed what he believes is limited effectiveness in assuring the public is adequately protected and informed about critical infrastructure projects, namely pipelines. However these claims are wildly inaccurate. Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection and Public… Read More ►
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