PA Production Increases, So Does Prosperity

Pennsylvania continues to reach new highs in natural gas production. According to the Energy Information Administration, the Keystone State reached a new high of 15 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day this past October – up 25 percent over October of 2016, and up 80 percent over January of 2013.

This is a result of a continued increase in permits and drills, which also continue to set records. As Trib Live writes:

 “The Department of Environmental Protection has issued 1,447 permits so far this year, which is more than the 1,371 that it issue in all of 2016. The state has an average of 33 drilling rigs operating daily compared to a daily average of 20 rigs in 2016, according to survey data from Baker Hughes, the agency report.”

Pennsylvania sits atop a tremendous reserve of natural gas, and gaining greater access to what’s beneath our feet boosts State and Local economies more and more. We’ve already seen lives improved and jobs created by the natural gas industry here in Pa, and with continued expansion we can reach new highs – benefiting everyone, all across the state.