PA Dems Attack Innocent Union Workers at Rally

Rallies at the Capitol in Harrisburg, PA brought out the worst of the anti-petrochemical population in Pennsylvania. Members of PennFuture, PennEnvironment, Earthjustice, and Rep. Innamorato and Sen. Muth, all participated in a rally to oppose House Bill 1100 which is aimed at attracting new petrochemical investments to the state.

“I don’t care about your job. Your job doesn’t matter,” “We’re coming for you,” and “They need to get the f*&# out. They’re losers. We’re done with them,” were among the hateful comments from protesters. Statements like this attacking individuals who’s intent is to earn an honest living. Such comments are becoming all to familiar coming from anti-energy, fringe activists. Last May, State Representative Danielle Friel Otten compared Pennsylvania union workers to Nazi’s. Such hate seems to permeate these activists.

The entire state benefits from the energy sector’s investments and to target the union members working on those projects is aggressive and unfair. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, these protesters crossed the line by targeting innocent union workers and using profanity and threats to do so. Whether or not these individuals agree with the bill, they should not unjustly take their frustrations out on hard-working Pennsylvanians.