Operating Engineers Local 542 Voices Strong Support for Pipeline Infrastructure Development

Our friend and coalition member, Ed Gillette, wrote about the importance of Pennsylvania pipeline infrastructure development in his recent opinion editorial published by the Citizens Voice. Gillette serves as pipeline lead for the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 542, and through his work, he has made positive contributions to Pennsylvania’s economy for many years.

In the opinion editorial, he announces IUOE Local 542 as a new member to the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance, and stresses the organization’s support for the development and expansion of transporting natural resources throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Gillette clearly states that in order for Pennsylvania to take its place as an energy hub, the state “must continue to upgrade and build the necessary infrastructure to safely and efficiently transport [Pennsylvania’s] energy resources.”

IUOE Local 542 works to ensure that the pipeline infrastructure throughout the state is at the highest safety level, and is committed to guaranteeing that their families, friends and neighbors in the local area are protected, all the while promoting their community and helping to it thrive through infrastructure expansion and job growth.

To read the whole op-ed please click here.