Nottingham Twp. Pleased with Mariner East and Final Restoration Projects

Seven years since the original introduction of Mariner East in Nottingham Township (Washington County), Energy Transfer recently provided the Board of Supervisors an update on their restoration projects, following construction of Mariner East.

Township officials and members of the project team worked close with one another to bring over 600 miles of pipeline and two major natural gas liquids lines to fruition in Pennsylvania. At the Nottingham Township monthly Board of Supervisors meeting, Energy Transfer was applauded for their dedication and attentiveness to the needs of Nottingham’s community while completing the projects.

Township Supervisor Doug King stated, “I’ve had a great relationship with your company and your contractors over the years. The permitting team that I’ve dealt with frequently was especially attentive and always worked very quickly to address our needs.”

Energy Transfer also provided the township with photos of the various stages of their restoration projects thus far. Although the project is near complete in Nottingham Twp., Energy Transfer operations personnel will always be available and ready to respond to the townships’ needs.

Successful energy infrastructure projects are often the result of developers and community officials working together to complete the project. It also ensures that Pennsylvanians can see the full benefits promised by the project sooner as opposed to enduring unnecessary  construction delays.

As production increases, so does the need for additional infrastructure. Stories like that of Nottingham Twp. and Energy Transfer’s Mariner East pipelines are great examples of how to expand energy infrastructure, while keeping the communities involved and the environment unaltered.