New OpEd Emphasizes the Need for Pipeline Infrastructure in PA

Pennsylvania has been blessed by nature with an abundance of natural resources, but energy infrastructure investments are necessary to truly benefit from these resources. Pennsylvania needs to invest in safe and reliable infrastructure. As described in a recently published op-ed, not only would Pennsylvanians directly benefit from pipeline infrastructure, but the indirect benefits stretch far beyond our state’s energy industry.

Advancements in new technology have allowed Pennsylvanians to tap into the resources found in one of our nation’s largest shale plays, the Marcellus Shale. As a result, a sustainable energy boom has spanned for over a decade, bringing economic benefits to the region. However, “what’s most extraordinary about this economic boom is that the benefits can be felt throughout the state,” (Trish McFarland, Jeff Kotula, and David Black, PennLive, November 3, 2015). Whether it’s economic development, job growth, or affordable, stable energy prices, everyone in Pennsylvania has felt the positive impacts of the energy revolution.

However to sustain these benefits, “we need expanded pipeline capacity that can keep pace with our state’s growing production” (PennLive). Otherwise the benefits reflected through greater tax revenue and increased economic activity will decline.

Thanks to Pennsylvania’s natural resources our state’s economic trajectory is only moving up, but to achieve our full economic potential, investments in pipeline development are needed to satisfy Pennsylvania’s need for a safe and efficient approach to transporting energy.

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