Natural Gas Saves Pennsylvanians Billions

The lives of Pennsylvanians continue to improve as we grow and grow our production of natural gas. Over the last ten years our ability to produce natural gas has skyrocketed, and heating costs have plummeted. In fact, according to a recent Energy Information Administration study, “shale gas production across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia tripled over the past five years, increasing to almost 24 billion cubic feet per day.”

The benefits stemming from this increase in production are widespread and plentiful. All throughout the state Pennsylvanians are enjoying new job opportunities, booming economies, and, perhaps most often overlooked, incredible savings. Because according to the EIA,

“In 2016, Pa. consumers realized $16.2 billion in natural gas and electricity savings compared to 2008…Pa. consumers saved $9.1 billion on natural gas and $7.1 billion on electricity in 2016 thanks to natural gas production in our region.”

Here we have an increase in natural gas cutting costs for all Pennsylvanians, and middle class families. The Marcellus Shale Coalition has even more information on the far reaching effects that natural gas has had in Pennsylvania – read all about them here.

But it is certainly not time to rest on our laurels, but instead continue to focus on improving and expanding the natural gas infrastructure right here in the Keystone State. Doing so will only further spur the Pennsylvania economy, while boosting the livelihoods of our families.