Natural Gas Plants Ready To Improve PA

According to federal data, more than 40 gas-fired projects have been proposed by energy firms since 2011 in Pennsylvania – all as a result of the natural gas revolution. These are plants that create both construction and permanent jobs, providing a boon to local communities and helping hard working families.

One such plant was recently proposed, as was recently reported:

“A New York company is planning to build a natural gas plant in Pennsylvania’s biggest coal county. Hilltop Energy Center LLC, a Huntington Bay, N.Y.-based company, is proposing to build a 600-megawatt natural gas power plant in Cumberland Township, Greene County.”

This type of project significantly impacts local communities, and they’re chosen carefully, taking a number of variables into consideration. As William Campbell, III, an environmental consultant for the project notes:

“There is a surplus of gas, which means gas prices are very low, and predictions are they’re going to stay very low, which makes it very economical and makes this a great region for this kind of plant,” Campbell says. “Greene County has the site, it has a receptive population here that is good for this (type of project). It’s the right location.”

Natural gas plants like this show the diversity of ways that natural gas can improve, and has improved, the state of Pennsylvania. Expanding our energy infrastructure to include additional processing plants like this would allow us to simply further reap the benefits of utilizing our natural resources.