Natural Gas Helps Pennsylvania Help The World

For decades U.S. Presidents have touted the need for American energy independence, and as The New York Times highlighted in a recent article, natural gas is playing a major role in driving us towards that independence. States like Pennsylvania lead the charge in the natural gas revolution by tapping into their immense natural resources. While The New York Times highlights the relevance of natural gas on an international scale, the greatest benefits provided are felt right here at home, with local Pennsylvania communities flourishing under the economic boons of the shale revolution.

The natural gas industry has already provided thousands of jobs to Pennsylvanians across the state, and job growth isn’t slowing down. Sunoco Logistics recently began transporting natural gas liquids via truck in Pennsylvania, creating jobs for local Pennsylvanians while supplying communities in the area with affordable, reliable, and locally sourced fuel. This is the first of its kind in the nation, and is a “quality solution to provide ethane to [a] unique customer base,” according to Ashley Madray, vice president of Gas Innovations, the company operating the trucks.

“Any new jobs that it creates are obviously good for the borough.” Marcus Hook Borough Manager Andrew Weldon said. “If that results in new business and new activity and the creation of new jobs here in the borough of Marcus Hook, we’re happy.”

Pennsylvania’s production of natural gas has far-reaching effects, but the most important impacts are right here in the state. The natural gas revolution has proven to be a driver of huge economic growth, with thousands of jobs created, and flourishing communities across the state.