Natural Gas Energy Plant To Power 1Million Homes

Just off of route 271 in Jackson Township, ground was recently broken to begin construction of a new energy center. Once the “facility goes commercial in 2020” it will generate “enough power to power a million homes,” according to Competitive Power Ventures President and CEO Gary Lambert using ethane provided by Sunoco’s Mariner East pipeline that is currently under construction.

The new energy center is a $700 million investment in Pennsylvania’s natural gas infrastructure, and it will generate 1,050 megawatts of electricity. The center will utilize turbines powered by natural gas and ethane, which is a liquid extracted from natural gas. The plant’s location is ideal for natural gas energy production, sitting near to a natural gas pipeline, high capacity power lines, and a water supply that can sufficiently cool the turbines.,

Pennsylvania continues to make strides to improve our natural gas infrastructure, and we’ve all been enjoying the benefits for years now. Increasing our pipeline capacity would create opportunities for more energy centers like this one, creating jobs and pushing electric bills lower and lower. The more we can utilize the natural resources produced right here, the more our economy will grow and the more lives will be improved. The new energy center in Jackson Township is another great step forward, and continues the trend of Pennsylvania benefiting from natural gas.

This is just one of the countless examples about how the Mariner East pipeline project will benefit local Pennsylvania energy consumers to deliver efficient, affordable, clean burning energy.