National Infrastructure Week – A Call to Action

Today kicks off the 6th annual National Infrastructure Week. Nearly 400 affiliates will host events across the country stressing the importance of upgrading our failing infrastructure. America’s roads, bridges, airports, pipelines, and wireless infrastructure have been neglected for decades.

The American Society of Civil Engineers gave America’s infrastructure a D+ on the quadrennial Infrastructure Report Card in 2017. President Donald Trump has come out in support of domestic energy development and energy infrastructure, signing multiple executive orders to help repair and rebuild our country, but more must be done.

Investing in our nation’s infrastructure keeps our economy competitive, provides good paying jobs, increases safety for the movement of goods and people across the country, and adds revenues for small businesses. Right here in Pennsylvania we’re seeing just how much investing in infrastructure is benefiting communities.

According to a 2018 economic report by Econsult Solutions, a Philadelphia based economic consulting company, Mariner East projects could generate $9.1 billion to the Pennsylvania economy and support more than 57,000 new jobs during the construction phase. The additional processing facilities under discussion would expand that potential job creation and attract new investment and manufacturing to the state. It could also add $46 million in personal income taxes during construction.

Those are not the only benefits Mariner East is bringing to residents. The expanded pipeline capacity will also lower the cost of energy for people in the state. According to Thomas Ferro, the majority owner of Ferro Fuel Oil, these pipelines will increase access to propane used to heat homes through cold Pennsylvania winters.

If the U.S. does not address the issue now it will cost families $1,060 per year in lost income and stall the growth of our GDP by $897 billion by 2020, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers.

We must make investing in America’s infrastructure a priority.

To learn more or participate in National Infrastructure Week head to their website.