Nat Gas Truck Crashed in New York; Pipelines are MUCH safer option

Early Monday morning, a truck carrying compressed natural gas from the Marcellus Shale crashed on I-88 in New York. The driver swerved to avoid hitting a deer, when the truck flipped over and ejected the driver. Unfortunately, the crash was deadly and the 52 year old driver, Jeffery Lind passed away.

This is yet another example of how anti-pipeline activists are pushing for more harmful transportation means through increased use of trucks and rail to transport natural gas. Fatal accidents like this should not occur, but will continue if they have their way. There have been 11 accidents in New York alone over the past two years according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Like these anti-pipeline crusaders, New York is run by an anti-pipeline governor, which leaves little choice as to how these products can be transported to end consumers. These are the consequences when activists push policies based more on pie in the sky aspirations lacking basis in reality or the facts.

The Fraser Institute conducted a study that found pipelines are 4.5 times safer than transportation by rail, which is safer than truck . This fact continues to get ignored by anti-pipeline activists even though it is rooted in scientific evidence.

Pipeline infrastructure is crucial to the safe transport of NGL’s while keeping surrounding communities at bay and out of danger.