NAIOP Pittsburgh and the Washington County Chamber of Commerce’s Infrastructure Event

Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance was pleased to take part in the NAIOP Pittsburgh and the Washington County Chamber of Commerce’s Coffee & Commerce event to discuss the need for energy infrastructure development.

Charlie Melancon, former Louisiana U.S. House of Representatives, and Carl Marrara, Vice President of Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association spoke with local business owners about why Pennsylvania needs energy infrastructure. The abundance of reserves of natural gas and natural gas liquids in the area is astounding, but we cannot benefit from it without increased pipeline infrastructure.

As Charlie said:

“Without infrastructure, you have nothing. I think Pennsylvania, like every state, is having discussions on infrastructure. A pipeline takes the product needed to the place that needs it.”

Both men discussed the need to connect consumers and customers to the supply of natural gas products. They stressed that this is only made possible by investing in energy infrastructure to help facilitate the transfer of these precious resources. Currently Pennsylvania is missing out on cost-effective, safe, reliable energy because the infrastructure simply isn’t there.

As Carl said:

“Customers in southeastern Pennsylvania are paying higher prices because they’re getting natural gas from Louisiana because there’s not enough infrastructure to transport it.”

Pennsylvania could help America become an energy super power over the coming years, but there’s only one way to help it get there – invest in energy infrastructure.

Charlie – “You’re in the oil and gas business now, whether you like it or not. Treat it with respect, embrace it, regulate it, because it can be a beneficial industry.”