The ME2 Pipeline Is One of the Biggest Economic Opportunities Pa. Has Seen in Generations

The Natural Gas reserves harbored in the Marcellus and Utica Shale Plays present ranging economic benefits across Pennsylvania.

Trib Live recently published a letter to the editor by Chad Jones, executive director of the Western Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Electric Contractors Association, on the local economic benefits of natural gas. He underscores that “Mariner East 2 represents one of the biggest economic opportunities our state has seen in generations – a $3 billion investment that will create over 30,000 jobs and generate about $1 million in annual pipeline-related tax revenue for Pennsylvania.”

Correspondingly, a recent piece in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Stacey Olson, president of Chevron Appalachia, and Morgan O’Brien, president and CEO of Peoples Natural Gas, asserted that “Pennsylvania can forge a brighter and more prosperous future for all its citizens if we maximize the unprecedented opportunity that’s right under our feet. A growing, energy-enabled Pennsylvania economy, with increasing revenues for business, workers, families and our government, will be more than a game-changer. It will be a mind-changer.”

Energy infrastructure projects across Appalachia stand to connect people with lasting economic benefits – these developments are happening now and stand to make a difference in Pennsylvania and beyond.