ME2 Pipeline Defeats the Andover Homeowners Association in their 2nd Court Case

On Monday, the Mariner East pipeline developer defeated anti-pipeline homeowners attempting to shut down construction for the Mariner East 2 (ME2) pipeline. The appeals court dismissed the homeowner association’s lawsuit that part of the pipeline was in violation of local zoning rules and state environmental protections.

This is yet another fail for well-known anti-pipeline activist Eric Friedman, who has actively pushed frivolous lawsuits attempting to block the Mariner East pipeline construction. Friedman’s legal strategy is batting 0.00.

Friedman’s actions are misleading and fail to acknowledge the fact that Energy Transfer is committed to community safety. The company has spent an abundance of time addressing the community’s concerns and ensuring pipeline safety throughout the state. Friedman, meanwhile has spent a considerable amount of time and money pushing arguments and causes lacking legal justification, which is why he has struck out at every turn. It is time that he focus on reality and accept the facts that Mariner East pipelines will be completed, safety protocols will continue to be followed and acknowledge that the construction and function of these pipelines contributes significant benefits to Pennsylvania’s economy.

At Friedman’s direction, homeowners complained that the Thornbury Township issued Energy Transfer a grading permit despite the presence of arsenic in the soil which would violate the Environmental Rights Amendment. However, they offered no evidence that demonstrated there will be a degradation of natural resources and while the soil was reported contaminated in 2005, it was also reported restored. The town also fulfilled all requirements in order to issue the permit, including one that made Sunoco responsible for managing any contaminated soil in accordance with a permit issued in 2017 by the Department of Environmental Protection.