Mariner East to Resume Construction in West Whiteland, Chester County

Energy security and affordability in the Commonwealth moved one step closer over the weekend.

As reported in My Chesco Sunoco/Energy Transfer, builder of the Mariner East pipelines, can resume work at six sites in West Whiteland Township, Chester County thanks to existing approvals.

The project had been halted in the area due to a county-wide injunction that was recently lifted by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission spurred through the dismissal of Senator Andy Dinniman’s wrongful lawsuit against the project.

This news continues to indicate the thoroughness of regulatory oversight and permitting that pipeline projects like Mariner East undergo prior to construction and then operation.

Agencies like the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and Department of Environmental Protection work in tandem to ensure that these projects put public safety first.

At the same time, the resumption through existing approvals highlights just how frivolous lawsuits against Mariner East are.

Time and time again opponents file bogus lawsuits to trigger halts in the project while hoping for a miracle ruling that would shutter the project – keep dreaming. As the latest string of legal failures show, approval from regulators are correct and take precedent.