Mariner East Provides Energy for Local Use

There is nothing wrong with being opposed to pipelines, but there is when the basis of your opposition are lies and misinformation.

Some pipeline opponents claim to be experts on the energy industry, but lack any sort of education or professional training in this area. Of course some like to claim they have degrees they never received and do not see the problem with presenting themselves to voters as something they are not.

A constant myth pushed by this crowd diminishes the local distribution of products transported by Mariner East for local use. Every single day, trucks line up at the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex to receive products such as propane and ethane for local and regional use.

In April of 2017, PEIA interviewed Thomas Ferro, the owner of Ferro Fuel. The Mariner East Pipeline is providing resources every day for his business to transport to residential and commercial customers in the Philly area.

Even anti-pipeliners expect the heat to keep their home warm in the winter or the light to come on in the evening. This can only happen through the development, transport, and use of energy products. What you will never hear from these anti-pipeliners is an alternative solution because they do not have one.