Mariner East 2 Win in Southeast PA; 13 Miles of Pipeline Ready for Commissioning

The hard work conducted by thousands of Pennsylvania union construction workers on the Mariner East pipeline has produced a major milestone. Last week, 13 miles of 16-inch pipe between West Whiteland Township and Middletown Township were commissioned.

For the past three years, construction on Mariner East has been met with protest and unnecessary delay generated by opposition groups. Sunoco has been in and out of the courtroom defending a legally permitted and regulated energy project through frivolous lawsuits filed by big-moneyed environmental activists. However, working through all of the controversy falsely generated is paying off and working towards completion. 

The completion of this 13-mile section, demonstrates the commitment of the hard working laborers, who even during a global health pandemic, saw this project through. After being deemed an essential business for providing energy resources to the commonwealth, skilled laborers were able to get back to work and focus on completing horizontal directional drills in southeast Pennsylvania. 

This is a major milestone and there will be many more to come. We look forward to the project coming into service and delivering the countless benefits promised to Pennsylvania.