Mariner East 2 Key Fuel Source for Cambria County’s $1 billion facility

The Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) Fairview Energy Center is a major infrastructure project in Cambria County that will provide electricity generation in Pennsylvania utilizing ethane from the Mariner East 2 pipeline as one of its fuel sources. This project is made possible, in large part, through its connection agreement Sunoco Logistics’ Mariner East project. This project is just one of the examples of the positive benefits created through expanded pipeline infrastructure in Pennsylvania.

CPV Fairview will sell its ancillary, energy and capacity services in the PJM market, and will power “up to more than 1 million homes.” As an entity, Competitive Power Ventures focuses its activities across the board on natural gas-powered electric generating centers like Fairview, and supports local and national energy stability through providing cost-effective and environmentally sound power generation.

Pennsylvania Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr. expressed his support of the project, commenting that, “this facility will ignite job growth for real family-sustaining jobs” and that he was “looking forward to partnering with CPV and other similar companies to provide much needed economic growth to the area.” PA Representative Frank Burns added that, “this project takes advantage of abundant natural gas to create local, cleaner electricity; puts 30 acres to productive industrial use; and creates hundreds of good-paying construction jobs as well as two dozen permanent ones. That’s a winning trifecta for our area.”

With a broad arsenal of natural resources and a well-trained labor force, Cambria County is regarded as Pennsylvania’s “Energy County.” County-wide efforts to integrate environmental, economic and social concerns with energy infrastructure development, have sustained popular support for the important role these energy networks have in Cambria County and across the state.

CPV Fairview will be an important addition to this “Energy County” with the electric generation it will provide. The connection agreement between CPV Fairview and Mariner East 2 expands on existing infrastructure, and extends energy connectivity with linked economic activity. All-in-all, the infrastructure project really is “a winning trifecta” for Pennsylvania.